Meet Sally…The Rep with the New Mercedes GLS550 SUV (and Kids in Private School)

Meet Sally  

by: Gordon Lawrence

The Call Center Rep with:

  • A Son in an Exclusive Boarding School
  • A New Mercedes GLS 550 SUV
  • Ownership of a Pilates Studio
  • A Highly Successful Lawyer Husband
  • An Upcoming Vacation to Europe.


Monday, 2:15 PM

The call center team trudges into the breakroom.

It is the 2:15 break and everyone takes their regular place.

Robert grabs a coke and sends a text to his daughter at school.

Juanita takes a corner chair and reviews her english lit textbook.

Don logs onto, using encryption software.

Justin signs onto Snapchat.

Rasheed gets water, puts on his headphones and cues up Kendrick Lamar.

Sally sits down at a table with Patricia, LaShun and I.

Sally looks out the window, closes her eyes and thinks of her upcoming tasks:

  • Enroll Adam, her fourteen year old, in the Hill School in Pottstown, Pa.
  • Take the Mercedes E-400 to the dealer for a 1,000 mile checkup
  • Start work on the greenhouse expansion – meet with the architect.
  • Schedule a two-week vacation to Europe with her husband, Christopher.
  • Make arrangements for the vacation – meet with a travel planner.
  • Coordinate with Christopher’s AA for visits with European clients.
  • Schedule visits with friends in Paris and Rome.
  • Meet with “A Catered Affair” re: Christopher’s working dinner meeting for twelve.
  • Meet with the painter to plan for the house exterior.
  • Schedule lunch with her daughter, Alye, to discuss the upcoming school year.
  • Schedule an in-person meeting with the principal of Alye’s school.
  • Prep for a board meeting of the Robertsville Country Club.
  • Meet “Perfect Pilates” (owned by Sally) manager Kelly Harlowe,  re: New Promo.

Sally smiles and sales to herself:  ‘I love my life.  I love being so busy.  I love how hard I work and how it brings such good things to my family.  My life is my family, but also, I’ve built a successful business and I plan to expand.  Christopher said my budget is unlimited and he hopes that I exceed it.  I love my husband and I’m so happy that I spend my life him.”

Sally thinks back to the day she met Christopher and continues her conversation with herself:   “Christopher was leading a study group at Tisch Library at our college, Tufts, and I happened to be walking by and our eyes met.  That was it.  My wonderful life was set.”

Suddenly Sally’s stream of glorious thoughts was rudely interrupted.

“Sally, Sally, time to wake up, LaShun called, loudly, in Sally’s ear. Girl, you have been on some kind of dream trip.  Come on, break time is over, we need to get back to work.”

Sally, snapping back to alertness,  took one more look out the window.  In the distance, the far distance, she could see a mansion on a hill.  Was that a greenhouse in the back?

LaShun pulled Sally by the arm and I grabbed the other.  Shun smiled at Sally,  “Girl, I’m taking your arm and pulling you back to your desk.  I am not going to let you be marked late.   And Girl, I saw on the report that you are five calls behind so you need to get your calling game on.”

Sally looked at LaShun, “Thanks Shun. I appreciate you. You too, Gordon.”

LaShun replied, “You are very welcome.  And I don’t know where you were in your sleep but you were smiling the whole time.”

Sally laughed, “Yes, it is a beautiful, beautiful place.”

LaShun laughed, “And I’m guessing that the call standards were less than here at our call center.”

Sally laughed again, “Shun, they sure were.”

LaShun and I steered Sally, walking arm in arm,  back to the department.

Sally sat down, plugged in her headphone, signed on, heard the beep and said, “This is Sally, how may I provide outstanding service to you?

Back to the real world.

…..Thanks for Reading Call Center Confidential


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